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Meet Angel - She lives true to her name! We simply love her. Angel has the sweetest personality, and we're not just saying that. Though she has energy, she is rather calm for being an Australian Shepherd. Angel is incredibly agile and graceful. Though not trained to show, she clearly has the ability. She hails from Champion bloodlines. Angel has a smaller and slim build compared to our other Aussies here at T and A. Have we mentioned that her puppies are adorable too?


A sweetheart! Amelia is a bit more social with strangers than her sister, but has that same sweet quality. She is adventurous, but will sit by you for eternity as long as it means she is with you. Our girl has spunk and kindness all mixed together! We love her to pieces! Same as her sister, Amelia hails from champion bloodlines. Her build is a bit more stocky. With crystal blue eyes, she is an absolute beauty!

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